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Audio 2040 radio mic kits
High quality radio microphone system complete with internal and external powering cables. True diversity for optimum quality.
Sony UHF radio mic kit
Compact and rugged wireless microphone for easy plug and play audio. Easy to use with LCD display on transmitter and receive, with diversity reception all powered from AA batteries.
Denecke Trilevel D1-code SB1-T kit (3 of)
HD compatible sync box with time code generator/reader.
Denecke TS1-C time code slate
Illuminated time code slate that jams to all standard frame rates.
Motorola GP340 walkie talkie kit (pair)
16 channel UHF portable radio with options for headsets, hands free and other optional accessories.
Panamic maxi boom
Standard drama boom for the boom op.
Audio Developments headphone amp
Headphone distribution with 3 sets of headphones. Ideal for studio use.
Sennheiser 416 gun mic with suspension
Standard gun mic for location and studio use. Comes complete with suspension and hi wind cover.
Beyer M58 hand held mic
Dynamic hand held mic ideal for vox pop or news situations.
Fostex 6301 active monitor
Compact mains powered speakers for production.