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HMI Lamps
Fresnel and soft lamps
Battery / LED lamps
HMI Lamps
Arri Compact 1.2Kw HMI
1200w fresnel HMI lamp kit with flicker free electronic ballast and 7m header cable
Arri Compact 575w HMI
575w fresnel HMI lamp kit with flicker free electronic ballast and 7m header cable
Dedo DLH 400D 400w HMI
Dual lens large Dedo lamp with 400 HMI lamp switchable to 575w HMI. This lamp has the distinction of having an extremely clear beam with no hot spots.
Chimera with speed ring for Arri Compact 1.2Kw HMI
Chimera with speed ring for Arri Compact 575w HMI/Arri 1Kw pup
Chimera with speed ring for Dedo 400D HMI/Arri 300w

Recognised quality soft boxes compatible with the above
Fresnel and soft lamps
Kino Flo 4’ 4 bank with daylight and tungsten lamps
This is the classic 4’ 4 bank Kino. Daylight and tungsten options are included along with spare bulbs.
Kino Flo 2’ 4 bank with daylight and tungsten lamps
The same as the 4’ version but 2’ long for less output or more compact requirements.
Kino Flo Diva Lite 400
A Kino soft light that is ideal for compact work or overseas. The ballast unit is part of the lamp saving space and is 120-240v compatible.
Dedo 150 lamp kit
Compact and versatile dual lens lamps. 3 head kits with a central control unit allow creative lighting all from one box.
1K pup
Fresnel 1000w lamp (it has a lens that focuses the light)
Arri 800w tungsten

More versatile version of the 2k. Basic lamp for general use.


Arri 650w fresnel
Fresnel 650w lamp
Mizar 300w tungsten
Fresnel 300w lamp
Arri 150w pepper
Fresnel 1000w lamp
Chimera trace frame
Compact collapsible trace frame with optional scrims
Available for many lamps
Viper NT smoke machine
1.3Kw mains only smoke machine including a timer and variable output.
Battery / LED lamps
Litepanel Sola ENG 30w LED fresnel
Daylight balanced LED lamp with very low power drain and high light output with the facility for very wide focus adjustment.
Arri Pocket Par/Pocket Lite kit with 2 x 30v Cinepower batteries
200w HMI battery powered lamp with facility of 4 lens set for variable focussing. Kit comes complete with Cine Power batteries for maximum portable use.
Rosco “Gaffers” HO LitePad kit
12 head LED portable lamp kit for specialist applications where concealment is important. Low power consumption and high daylight output make the kit incredibly versatile.
LED Lite Panel Astra 1x1 Bi-color kit with V-lock battery adaptor
Next generation battery powered LED lamp with 4x the output of the original.
Smoother dimming, high colour rendition, with longer throw and intensity.
LED Lite Panel 1x1 Bi-color kit with V-lock battery adaptor
High output LED lamp that runs from battery or mains. Colour temperature can be varied from tungsten through to daylight with dimming facility as well.
Gekko Kicklite 106 LED kit - 2 head kit
Small portable LED lamp used for interior car shooting or on camera. Battery powered and incredibly versatile.
Sachtler reporter 75H with dimmer
Dimmable tungsten camera top light with dimmer.
IDX LED toplight
LED camera top light that draws little power and has a high output for its size.
Polecats - large medium and small
Goalpost kit inc stands and clips
20' x 20' silk
Black 15' x 10' drapes
Black 10' x 10' drapes
CSO blue 15' x 10' drapes
CSO green 20' x 20' drapes
Blue/green chromakey Lastolite
Green chromakey Lastolite
Blue chromakey Lastolite
Arri 4' x 4' reflector board
2Kw lighting dimmer